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The latest purchases by the studio

Allen & Heath Zed18 Mixing Desk

sE V7X Instrument Microphone.

A supercardioid dynamic instrument microphone that lifts the sonic curtain in front of your sources, connecting listeners with your performance at a whole new level. The V7 X brings these same desirable qualities to your instruments, providing a perfectly natural picture of their sound in any live or studio environment - and thus offering an even closer connection between the instrument and the listener. The upper frequency range is smooth & balanced, capturing every nuance of the player, while the lowered resonance and extended, powerful low frequency response allows for a complete spectrum of instruments.

sE Electronics - sE5 microphone

sE5 Condenser microphone.

With a smooth full-range frequency response and improved transient handling, it's the perfect choice for recording drums, percussion, pianos and any stringed acoustic instrument.
The sE5's cardioid polar pattern delivers a clean and smooth on-axis response, with off-axis rejection that's essential when recording the source instrument in-situ among unwanted noise sources such as other instruments or room ambience.
This microphone has now ceased production and the studio has managed to procure one of the last available in Australia.

sE2200a II Microphone

sE 2200a II Microphone.

The original 2200a has been used by countless artists worldwide, and the updated 2200a II continues the tradition in both cardioid and multi-pattern versions.
sE's best-selling, multiple-award-winning, GRAMMY-singer-recording cardioid mic has been given a facelift and a feature update.
With the same hand-built brass capsule as the original, the Mark II version of this modern classic adds a multi-pattern version, a clever quick-release shockmount with integrated pop filter, and a non-reflective black finish.


Our recent clients and their projects

Muddy Road

Muddy Road

The band has just completed a five song live recording in the studio. This is their third CD here and once again they have crafted a great sounding blues sound.



Looking forward to seeing the guys in the studio again working their magic. 

Ethan Davis

Ethan Davis

Ethan was featured in Peter Goers "What's Hot" list in his Sunday column this week. Ethan and his musical partner Glenn Gearing just finished tracking their latest album in the studio. 

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