Recording Services

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RDMS Studio utilises a broad collection of professional microphones and pre-amplifiers to capture your sound. Coupled with a sonically balanced recording environment to ensure crisp, clear results, this ensures tracks suitable for any mixing environment.



The studio has a comprehensive collection of dynamic and condenser microphones for all recording scenario's. Additionally there are various DI-Boxes and effects units for direct recording needs.


Audio Signal Path

Microphone signals are routed through to dedicated pre-amps that not only ensure clean recordings. The various types in use also allow a subtle manipulation of the recorded sounds colour and tone.

Recording Studio Main Room

Recording Environment

The main recording room of the studio is carefully tuned to provide a clean, colourless sound. This is probably the most critical aspect of capturing your sounds.

Common Recording Questions

Sure, Contact us with details about your project and we will give you a price.
If your project is large enough we'll even give you a discount!

Over the years we have recorded everything from Jazz to Rap. Yes, even bagpipes. That's one of the benefits of long term experience.

Band recordings are ofter tracked as a live recording. Seperate tracking is also quite popular, as well as a combination of both. It's really a question of what the band prefers.

Absolutely. In fact we have several clients who regularly come to the studio for vocal recordings, to then mix with their own equipment. Drums have also been tracked for other studio's.


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