Mixing Services

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RDMS Studio prides itself on our superior mixing results.
We utilise the latest digital tools and a superb playback environment
to create outstanding results that keep our clients coming back for more!



Our monitoring system consists of custom modified Alesis speakers in a room that's sonically balanced.
The clarity of playback is exceptional and is often commented on by clients. Critical for great results.

Audio Software


We primarily use Audition 3 mixing software with a host of VST plugin effects from companies such as Universal Audio, Plugin Alliance, PSPaudioware and Antares. Using the best available to craft your sound.



The mixing format that we prefer is Wav audio files at 48 kHz with a 32 bit depth. Lower quality and Aiff files are also acceptable. Completed mixes can be delivered in any format you require.

Common Mixing Questions

With over 25 years mixing experience there's not much we haven't mixed.
Typical styles we see are Rock, Pop, Blues, Country, Rap and Jazz.

Sure. Remixes are quite common in the music industry.

As an average, a good rule of thumb is to allow 20 minutes per track. So a song with 12 tracks would take around 4 hours. 

Audio Mixing

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