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 The expected life of a magnetic tape recording is an average of 20 years. So chances are your precious recordings have are already degraded significantly.
Additionally, as playback systems age the rubber capstan drive deteriorates, increasing the damage to your taped material every time it's played. At the very least, to preserve your recordings they should be digitized, through a well maintained and calibrated tape playback system.

Audio restoration can breathe new life into your old recordings. Clicks, pops, hiss and other background noises can often be significantly reduced, if not removed entirely. Once cleaned up, the tone, balance, clarity and volume of your audio is then fine tuned. The completed audio resoration is then transferred to a commercial quality audio CD or delivered as an audio file. 

 Restoration services are charged subject to initial quality of the material  at the current rate of $80/hour.   
- Light hiss with minimal distortion would take less time to process than a highly distorted recording with extreme levels of background noise. 
- This means a typical 30 minute recording could take anywhere from
1 to 3 hours.
- We are happy to review your material free of charge to give you an accurate quote. 


If you have questions regarding our Restoration services
just give us a call or use the form below.

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