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Professional mastering is critical for music to sound it's best in a wide range of playing environments. The music business is a highly competitive industry and songs that have not been properly mastered are extremely rare. Typically a 3-4 minute song takes 30-40 minutes to master properly, depending on the quality of the mix.

All of our masters have a 30 day guarantee for adjustments. We appreciate that over time you may find that certain aspects of your approved master may need tweaking to suit your needs.

RDMS have been mastering audio in Adelaide
for many years now. In that time we have mastered commercial releases both here in Adelaide, for overseas markets and the recordings of many local artists.

We offer both attended mastering sessions and an online service to clients who prefer it.
All playback systems color sound in different ways. The aim of our masters is to sound great, no matter what they are played on. 

Typically a 3-4 minute song takes 30-40 minutes to master properly, depending on the quality of the mix. The entire song is first checked for any anomalies such as clicks, pops and errant noise.
Phase issues that can have an adverse effect in some playback situations are also addressed. Typically, equalization, compression and appropriate excitation are then used to balance the audio, thus achieving an optimal sound for playback. Careful limiting is finally applied for a transparent commercial playback level.

Online Mastering Service

Step by step guide to online mastering


Before sending any files to be mastered, please take a look at the requirements section. There you will find details about formats and levels for best results .

2-Upload Files

Send all your audio files for mastering here. Click on the folder above to open a new upload window to our secure Dropbox folder. Clearly label all files including your name.

3-Email Details

Click on the envelope above to email details about your audio files and any particular requirements or concerns you may have. If you just want a mastering quote let us know.


A short mastered sample will be sent to you for approval. Once accepted, an invoice for payment is sent. Upon it's payment you will then recieve a download link to your completed files.

Mastering Rates

Current fees and charges.


$ 120 per hour
  • Rate is negotiable for projects greater than a total of 5 songs.


$ 80 per hour
  • Rate is negotiable for recordings longer of 2 hours.


If you have questions regarding our mastering
services feel free to email with the form below.

File Formats And Delivery.

- 16 bit or 24 bit word size with a sample rate of 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz. Higher is acceptable. 

- For postal delivery and return see the Contact page.

- DATA CD, DATA DVD or USB Memory Stick with files in Wav or Aiff format.

- File transfer via Dropbox in suggested formats.

Your Mixes.

- As a general rule it's best to provide your mixes without any bus compression or processing.

- Ideally the peak level in mixes should not exceed -6dB.

- Alternative mixes with the vocal up 1db and a version down -1db can be helpful, being the most common mixing issue.

ISRC Codes.

- Any ISRC codes you have for your songs should be listed clearly with your final song order.

- A print out of disc details will be provided with your masters. Please cross check it carefully. 

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